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3D Dental X-Ray Technology

Not all dental clinics are created equal. In fact, there can be a wide discrepancy in the quality of treatment patients receive in all types of dental care particularly if not employing the latest technology.

Because providing exceptional patient care is our primary concern at Clinica dental La Plaza we aim to offer the latest technological advances in the field of dentistry.

As such we up-graded to 3D dental x-ray technology for our patients that require it.

Xmind Trium Javea Costa Blanca
Xmind Trium Javea Costa Blanca

Three-Dimensiobal View

3D dental x-rays use radiation similar to conventional radiographic imaging. The 3D cone beam imaging is able to convert the images into a three-dimensional view.

This technology allows us to see all views of a patient's mouth, including bone structure, jaw anatomy, soft tissues and nerve canals.

These types of images are primarily used for dental implant planning of complex cases where a 2D view gives insufficient information.

Naturally, this level of detail helps us improve our diagnostic accuracy for implantology and the images can be used for computer guided implant placement.

We can also take the 2D xrays with this machine for dental diagnosis treatment planning and orthodontic diagnoses.

How Are 3D Dental X-Rays Taken?

With 3D dental technology, you'll stand still while our camera rotates around your head, doing a complete 360-degree scan.

The entire process is a quick one. As a result, there is less risk of movement, eliminating the need for retakes.

To check out what the Acteon 3d Xray looks like in action, take a look at this 3D x-ray video we created.

Are 3D Dental X-Rays Safe?

While many people are worried about radiation exposure from X-rays, the radiation emitted from a 3D digital x-ray machine is very small compared to other xray technology.

We only take xrays when they are truly required.

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Xmind Trium Javea Costa Blanca