Botox Javea

Botox Javea

Botox Treatments in Javea, Spain

If you like to keep up your regular botox treatments and maintain more youthful look then come to our clinic in Javea for botox injections By Dr Karen Gardner, the dentist, who has over 20 years experience in botox treatments in Javea.

You may also request advice to enhance your smile as well.

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Botox Treatments Javea

A Botox Facelift in Javea, Costa Blanca, Spain

Consider the benefits

  • It relaxes the muscles which cause frowning and smoothes wrinkles on the forehead and around eyes.
  • Botox has been shown to lift mood and help mild depression by relaxing these muscles and tense expressions.
  • Botox is a quick and easy face lift which can be carried out during a lunch break.
  • Very safe with few side effects and can be done secretly as no one will notice.
  • A Botox face lift can last for several months, and it is perfectly safe to top up with additional treatments after this time.
  • It can reduce migraine headaches for some people.
  • Your face will look natural and refreshed.
  • Botox is for men and women
  • It can be used to reducing clenching and teeth grinding by relaxing the jaw muscle- in this way it can also be used to slim the lower face of people prone to these habits.

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